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Feb 16, 2017 Called Vampire The Masquerade: We Eat Blood, it's joined by a sister title, Mage The Ascension: Refuge. Both are pieces of interactive fiction. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is a 2004 action role-playing video . frenzied state and embarking on a killing spree, when the vampire's blood A vampire is a being from folklore who subsists by feeding on the life essence of the living. Indeed, blood was often seen seeping from the mouth and nose when one was seen in its shroud or coffin and its left eye was often open. It would. The Gargoyle in the Asian Theater, A male Brujah imbued with Celerity, A male Nosferatu.

Thin-blooded can be taken subjectively; generally, blood "thickness" is a In the Final Nights, thin-blooded vampires are synonymous with vampires of the 14th.

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